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You can travel from Los Angeles to New York City and still have access to guardNOW’s expert team of security personnel. We can arrive at LaGuardia or JFK Airport to provide you with the same premier level of security and reliability in New York that you were offered in Los Angeles. That is the beauty of working with guardNOW’s expert team of security and staff: wherever you are we are there too.

guardNOW provides a wide range of security guard services for both businesses and consumers. No matter what you need security for, guardNOW will be the first one there! Our professional, courteous, and experienced staff will make sure that all your security needs are attended to and taken care of. Security is important to you and to us here at guardNOW. We understand the importance of security as it applies to both commercial companies and private citizens.
Our security guard services are adaptable to any situation since we have a team of highly trained personnel from Los Angeles, New York and Boston, our services has always been on the forefront of our needs. Security is a service that you cannot afford to skimp on. We not only continue to tell our clients that need to protect their homes, businesses and events but we have seen the effects of not using security personnel and events going awry.
Fast Access to Our Services

We understand the need for fast and easy access to security guards which is why with guardNOW, you have security guards available through out the country with the same uniforms and, most importantly, our exemplary standard of work. You can get the same quality of services where ever you are through out the country. In many instances, people find themselves scrambling at the last second to find someone to provide them with security for their next event.

guardNOW enables everyone to request security guard services in a matter of seconds by filling out a short and simple form online and have a security officer standing at their doorstep in less than an hour. If you’re afraid that there is an intruder in your neighborhood and the police may take too long to get there, rest assured that guardNOW will be there in a matter of minutes to protect you and your loved ones while you sleep comfortably at night.

Let Our Guard Services Help You!
That’s right, our dedication to your needs is at the forefront of our operation! There’s no such thing as a security decision that’s too small or insignificant to be attended to. We are ready to get your order filled and have security personnel en route at a moment’s notice. No other company can offer you the peace of mind that we can at guardNOW. Ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to have security en route yesterday? We get it, and that’s why our online order process is so streamlined and easy to use. Our customer service team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — ready to get you sin a matter of minutes. Plus, we offer private services including house and security patrol.
If there is a stranger in your neighborhood, give our security service team a call and rest assured that we will be there to watch over you while you sleep through the night. Comfort, peace of mind and easy access are party of our security pledge to you our valued clients. We provide you with personal protection when you feel threatened or when there is an imminent threat. We have the ability to handle almost any situation that you can imagine with our highly trained staff. We undertake instant risk analysis the minute we arrive, immediately locating any areas that might be in need of extra personnel for your security. Select residential security services or business security services to learn more.
We provide Private Security Guards and Security Officers in all Los Angeles counties and locations: