Birth of B’ab


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Security guards for Birth of B’ab
guardNOW can provide security guards for Birth of B’ab. Ba’b is the spiritual head of the Baha’I faith. Established in the 19th century, Baha’i is a monotheistic religion and through its history has been lead by certain divine messengers; Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and others. The birth date of its founder, B’ab is celebrated on October 20. The celebration features prayers, devotions, and community gatherings. GuardNOW is available to provide security and respect for the Baha’I religion and the Birth of b’ab.
Celebrations such as the Birth of B’ab, are an opportunity for to disrupt and denigrate an important day. If there is any cause for concern or a need to watch for possible trouble GuardNOW stands ready. guardNOW has often been called in to provide security service for special religious and cultural festivals.
List of security guard duties:
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