Vehicle Patrol Security


Getting a Vehicle Patrol Security Service
You can hire a security company to do patrols for your home at night to deter criminals from trying to break into your home or vandalize it. A patrol service, generally a security guard driving around in a car or truck and keeping watch of the area, is a good way of letting everyone in your neighborhood know that there is someone there to take care of its residents. If you wanted to keep watch on your house specifically, you could hire a security guard to patrol your property at night, keeping an eye on the front yard, backyard, side gates, windows, and other points of entry, making sure there are no trespassers or hazards such as fires.
If the security patrol service sees any suspicious people in the area, they can record their license plate information and a description of the individual(s) in the car, follow them to make sure they leave the area, and contact the police if there is suspicion of them committing criminal acts.
Why a Vehicle Patrol Security is So Important
You need to have eyes and ears in your neighborhood and on your home while you are sleeping at night. You don’t want to be kept up all night because you’re worried about something that may go wrong, whether it’s your house burning down or someone breaking into your home and robbing you at gunpoint. The dark hours are meant for sleeping, and sleeping with peace of mind, so make sure it stays that way by hiring someone to be responsible for your safety and security while you’re asleep.
Here is a list of GuardNOW patrol duties:

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