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Wedding Security Guard Services for Your Special Day
Considering the sheer number of weddings we’re called on to provide our services to, we know that hosting a wedding is a very tremendous undertaking. Having us provide wedding security at your special day can save you a lot of headache. If you’ve already thought far enough ahead to look or assign designated drivers for your guests, assign a designated guard to help keep the open bar as well. Yes, the crashers will take your wedding gifts! You don’t want your guests to remember your wedding day as the day their valuables were stolen.
Our wedding security specialist have compiled a list of essential tips to keep in mind: Be organized with your guest book. Acquire strict invitations from attendants. If you can’t resolve a guest’s identity, try to procure their photo IDs, and keep them on file. Watch how our wedding security guard services can help you on that special day below.
Communicate and look out for your wedding photographers! Lead them and get them familiarized with the surroundings. Introduce them to all the key locations and groups at the wedding. If their equipment is stolen, you won’t be getting the wedding photos and videos anytime soon! Make sure they understand where the security guards are at all time to coordinate with them.
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We all need the feeling of being safe and security — even more so on your big day — and our wedding security specialists can help you with that. Threats to your personal safety can occur on a daily basis without any cause. Your safety at the wedding is our security team’s top priority. In fact, we offer you the expert wedding services you need to protect you in transit and in your home. We think that everyone should be able to live out their lives without living in fear or placed in the eye of the paparazzi. Highly skilled and specialized wedding services in our field are included. Expert protection is our forte, but that’s not just for celebrities. If you’re living a life where you feel that you are not going to be safe, don’t hesitate to call us.
Let our wedding security help you. Our security guards can escort your guests at your wedding and help you when you need us. Our private security services are perfect. We want you to feel total security and to be at ease in our protection. That means a lot of things to a lot of people. But to us, it means making your safety our utmost priority for protection.
We are full service wedding security service experts that specials in providing you with high protection. We are ready to provide you with licensed and bonded professionals that offer military grade wedding security guards. If you are concerned that some unwanted guest might decided to crash your party, then we will be able to help you with that.
Common questions asked by bride & grooms
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Common reasons brides request wedding security guards
It’s not just important to have security guards at your wedding but having the right security guards. Many times venues use outside contract security services, and unfortunately provide unqualified security guards that really wouldn’t be able to help if something happened. By hiring guardNOW the wedding security experts, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly on that special day.
Yes we understand all that comes with your wedding security so let guardNOW take care of the headache for you while you enjoy the most amazing night of your life.
List of wedding security guard duties:

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