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Security for Construction Projects and New Development
Do you have a huge construction project on the line that you need security guard services for? If you need a security guard for a couple of weeks for a site and don’t know who to call then GuardNOW will perfect for you. When there is a need for security guards quickly and easily and you don’t want to have to scramble to find somebody last second and risk delaying your project then call us. GuardNOW has worked on hundreds of construction projects throughout the country and we have been able to help thousands of site supervisors finish their projects on time.
GuardNOW is Protecting Equipment, Supplies and Progress
Many criminals and thieves find construction sites lucrative targets. Building materials and equipment have high intrinsic market value even if sold only for scrap. If not properly protected, materials are stolen while still fresh on pallets or (even worse) after installation. High scrap metal prices for
copper, aluminium wire, tubing and any products, that contain them such as A/C units, only increase criminal interest. Once material theft has occurred, the repurchase, replacement and rescheduling costs exponentially increase – along with the harm to the project owner and affected contractors.
GuardNOW is a Partner to Secure Large Property Renovations / New Construction - Remodeling Projects
GuardNOW uses advanced technology to monitor our guards location while at your construction development site, further ensuring your property’s security and the valuable commodities within. Let GuardNOW give you an even greater return on investment by helping you complete your projects on-time and under budget
We Offer Trained and Experienced Security Guards to Enhance Your Site Security Solutions
Construction site security guards provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of theft and pilfering. GuardNOW is very experienced with construction site security and associated protection strategies. With satisfied past and current construction site clients, we know what to look for and how to defend against construction site crime.
Construction Site Access Monitoring for General Contractors and Construction Site Owners
Theft threats come from both inside and outside the job site. Crew theft by subcontractors can harm a project just as much as theft and damage from project outsiders. Our guards will monitor site access and become your company’s first line of proactive defense in material theft prevention. In addition to preventing unauthorized jobsite entry and recording jobsite visitors.
GuardNOW security guards can enforce access badge and safety policies as set by the client.
We Offer Trained and Experienced Security Guards to Enhance Your Site Security Solutions
GuardNOW security guards are ready to enforce mandated safety policies. Standard safety measures such as preventing entry to visitors not wearing safety glasses or hard hats will be enforced. Additional project specific concerns such as working with chemicals or explosive materials can be addressed. GuardNOW partners with construction managers and property developers across the nation to ensure completion of their projects without delay due to theft and after-hours damage of equipment and materials.
Millions of dollars a year are wasted on copper theft and delayed project simply have our guards there and ensure everything is safe. Whether you have heavy machinery that needs to be seen for a few nights or projects for a few weeks we can help you with that.
If your are in need of quick, fast and easy security guard services for construction projects then give us a call and we would love to talk to you about how we can help you complete your projects on time. Give us a call at 877-GuardNOW
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