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Do you need someone for an Alarm Response? Everyday no matter where you live anyone can get burglarized. There have been many incidents where people have called us at GuardNOW to protect their facility or home after an incident. If you want someone there ASAP and protecting your home for long after until you feel safe, our high quality trained security guards are there for you.
At GuardNOW our mission at all times is to protect our clients and their assets, properties and families from all actual or perceived hurt, harm or danger. When our clients are away from home, we are often called upon to provide an additional layer of security they can count on. This is in the form of Alarm Response.
When a security officer is dispatched to your home for your added convenience, they can evaluate the situation and notify proper authorities, if necessary. And when authorities arrive, our security officer will be there to permit them access. In the event you can’t be present, our security officer can also secure the premises after an alarm event has been activated and they can also call for repair service technicians, if needed.
At GuardNOW, our security response services offer you added comfort and peace of mind with a variety of solutions to fit your needs and budget.

What is an Alarm Response Security Guard?

An alarm response is when a the alarm of your home or business is triggered and you need someone there to ensure that your facility or home was not broken into. What typically happens after an alarm sounds is that the alarm company may contact you to verify that nothing has happened. If you unaware of any incident they ask you to check on it, if you don’t check on it, typically the police is called. The police often time does respond and since 90% of alarm response cases are false alarms where the alarm was trigger by a cat or the wind, the police then sends you a bill from $300 and in some cities up to $600 for their time.
GuardNOW has found a fast and easy solution for this problem which is getting ordering our alarm response security. We check your facility for you so you don’t need to worry about notifying the police or checking the facility yourself, we can do it for you.
GuardNOW has been there for many and its also the quickest and best way to get and have protection nationwide. No matter what you may need or want Security Guards for we always have you covered.
guardNOW® Private Security services, we present to you professional and highly skilled security guards to cater to your needs, for both short and long terms. Our armed security guards Los Angeles are critically acclaimed for their guarding services on both residential and business fronts. In the present scenario of utmost fear owing to the overall rise in crime across the country, you’d be worried about your overall security. We provide highly skilled and top-rated security services for a plethora of purposes like event security, secure transportation, loss prevention, business security, bodyguards, security watchmen, close protection, and traditional security services. If you’re looking out for security guard services for any such events and more, get in touch with us today to curate a customized security solution for both your private and business needs.
An essential component of any security strategy is unarmed security services. To monitor access control points to respond to emergencies. Our unarmed guards are trained to handle situations. They keep your property safe and secure by visible deterrents to potential threats.

Why would I need Alarm Response Service?

Should your burglar alarm activate while you are away from the property, our Security Command Center can dispatch the police in addition to our Alarm Response Agents. Our security guards are local and familiar with the local neighborhoods and are available to respond immediately to the emergency situation and assist the police with securing your home or office while you are away 24 hours a day.
Enjoy your vacation like never before
Using our Alarm Response Service allows our customers to leave their home for an extended period of time without worrying at all about what may happen to their family belongings and valuables. While you’re on vacation, our guards perform a daily residence check to ensure your home is safe and properly secured.
Protection against a threat
There may be times when you feel more comfortable seeing a GuardNOW security officer in front of your home when you arrive. If you come home late after work or just want to exercise precaution, our security guard can meet you and even escort you into the home to see that you enter your home safely.
Our focus is solely to enhance safety as well as to assist in the prevention, deterrence, and detection of trespassing, vandalism and criminal activity at your property. GuardNOW security guard officers are highly trained, uniformed personnel who patrol property in clearly marked vehicles. If we find evidence of or observe criminal activity, trespassing, vandalism, or simply anything out of the ordinary, our security guards and officers immediately notify local law enforcement and clients.
How often would I need Response Service?
GuardNOW Security guards are available at your request, we offer flexibility for clients as their security needs adjust. We can perform randomly scheduled patrol service or respond to emergency situations, temporary coverage, or scheduled services like monitoring equipment, providing escort services, or unlocking doors at specific times at your home or facility.
Our security guards and officers are also available to respond to building alarms when notified by our command center. Upon responding to the alarm, the security guards and officers will notify local law enforcement and the client if we find evidence of criminal at the property.

How long does it take for an alarm response guard to respond?

That really depends on the day, time, and how far you are from one of our local convenient offices. Give us a call to see how it is that we may be able to help you with our convenient security guards.

List of alarm response guard duties:

All our armed security guards Los Angeles exhibit a can-do attitude and have taken a pledge to keep our clients’ needs before theirs. Right from streamlined guarding contracts to last-minute requirements, our security personnel are just a call away to cater to your security needs. All our security professionnel manifest sheer professionalism with extreme politeness and we have generous customers who’d back this statement. When you choose to invest in our services, you can make the most from our fully trained and vetted guards, who will act as deterrents to judi slot gacor terbaru vandals and intruders, thereby keeping your family and property secure and safe.


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