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Security Guard Services for Conventions Conferences
Is your company planning a convention or conference and you need help with security? GuardNOW is the solution for you!
Providing Security to Conventions and Conferences GuardNOW’s indoor positioning system (IPS) helps us locate and neutralize threats by responding more effectively to emergencies inside buildings.
GuardNOW implements public safety solutions to help manage threats to public areas and large groups of individuals, and improve readiness and response capabilities.
Public Safety Mobile Solutions
Conventions and conferences often receive large-scale deployment of security officers to properly secure large facilities for commercial events. GuardNOW security guards are positioned along with effective technology tools to best secure events such as conferences and conventions with a high number of attendees.
GuardNOW offers a mobile safety solution that is ideally suited for conferences, conventions, festivals, large outdoor concerts and shopping malls. Using the smartphones of each guest or visitor that walks into your conference and convention venue as well as your staff and event team who work there, guardNOW can provide the fastest way to alert and communicate with our security response team.
GuardNOW uses Powerful Enterprise-Grade Safety Tools and Technology
Our security and safety solutions combine highly trained GuardNOW guards and security operations personnel and mobile safety apps for employees, officers, guests — and even members of the general public.
Our technology improves indoor location positioning of mobile callers within buildings using our Indoor Positioning System, and can more effectively send mass notifications to anyone within certain geographical areas using a mobile mass notification system.
We are a security guard service that helps with just that. We have worked with many corporations that have their annual convention and conferences. Companies call us to ensure the safety of the events by keeping their staff and attendees safe and secure.
List of security guard duties:

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