Permanent Security


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GuardNOW Offers Permanent Security Solutions
In times of uncertainty, protecting your business are assets are vital to the long-term success and sustainability of a prosperous venture.
GuardNOW Security Service offers a wide range of security solutions that will help to combat against security issues such as theft, vandalism and trespassers. Our company is trusted by Loss Prevention Managers and Property Management Companies across the nation.
We Secure Millions Of Square Feet Of Commercial Property Every Day
Our security services and solutions have been used by government entities, real estate investment trusts (REITS) and companies, retail corporations and multi-family housing complexes around the nation. Whether your business is a small business or retail shop, non-profit medical facility or a nationally-based publically-traded corporation. GuardNOW should be the security service of choice.
Our innovative delivery of technologically advanced security services differentiates us from standard security firms still operating as they did 20 years ago. Contact us today, so that the guardNOW team can begin protecting you, your property, your people, and your assets.
Guardnow Is Changing The Way The Nation Is Secured — One City At A Time
Our services are customizable for any security need your company facility may need. Whether you need one guard on-site at a single location or several security guards actively monitoring the area, we can provide them for you. We also provide protection of your possessions, facilities, and your staff members.
Our security team will work steadily with you to establish and achieve solutions for comprehensive security. For more information about our emergency security services, call or contact us today at 877-GuardNOW.