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Security Guard Franchise

Welcome to guardNOW. This is a business that is changing the lives of our owners, their families, and our clients. Our security guard franchise partners are go-getters who want to take control of their lives, grow with a new opportunity, and allow themselves to be able to give back to the community they love. This is an invitation to learn about guardNOW.

As a niche staffing firm, guardNOW taps into the staffing industry – an industry where sales are at $105 billion annually and predicted to grow to more than $164 billion in North America by 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics slated the employment services industry to be the ninth largest job-growth industry in the U.S. from 2008 to 2018.

Why should you considering starting a guardNOW franchise security guard company?

The need for security has always been great, and in these tough economic times many law enforcement agencies are suffering from budget cuts. This leaves individuals, businesses and homes unprotected. Security guards are taking the place of police when people need rapid response and guardNOW is there to help them.

guardNOW is looking for franchise owners to build successful staffing companies in the temporary security sector. Our territories range from 400,000 to 1 million plus in population.

Our security guard franchise website will give you a quick overview of guardNOW, the people who would be a good fit, our franchise model, and the chance to start a conversation. View our introduction video below then click Continue The Tour to proceed through the site. Once you fill out our short form you will be given access to additional material and more details on our franchise security company program.