Christmas Parties


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Security Guard Services for Christmas Parties
Christmas parties are always that time of the year where everyone just relaxes and has fun. Many individuals, companies and businesses throw Christmas parties during the Christmas season. Having a GuardNOW security guard present would always be the best choice on this fun and special occasion.
Oftentimes, company management ask that we monitor the guest list and only allow those listed access to the party, our duties here have saved hundreds of lives as we have prevented former employees who were disgruntled and seeking to cause a scene or commit an act that would have put in danger all of the company members in attendance.
guardNOW provides the best special event security and has also become the swiftest way of getting the best protection on any day and time of the. On-Demand security made simple.
Short-term Event Security Solutions Should be Flexible and Effective
The guardNOW System was Designed to Help You Meet Your Security Goals

Today, as we serve and protect thousands of individuals and families across the nation, GuardNOW is able and ready to deliver our quality security services to events and projects of all sizes and durations.

Through the success of our dedicated support teams GuardNOW is able to coordinate and manage effective security service options – to ensure your special day is only enhanced with a the success of your event or short-term situation.

Our approach to security service is to fully understand the mission and provide the right security officers and support to accomplish your goals successfully.
On-Demand Security
As technology has evolved and improved, so has the tools and effectiveness of GuardNOW. In an industry where security companies still operate the same as they did 20-years ago guardNOW has stood apart as the most innovative and technologically advanced security guard firm in the nation. Where clients can access highly-trained security guards at the touch of a button. When you need us, we’ll be there. We will provide responsive support for your short-term coverage needs, including:
We Provide uniform options for the ideal look and presence for your event with a variety of uniform choices that reflect authority and professionalism.
Short-term Should Never Mean Short-Serviced
Don’t sacrifice experience, professionalism and efficiency simply because you have short-term security needs. Whether you need emergency security services for an unforeseen occurrence or you require temporary coverage for a planned event, you don’t have to settle for lesser quality services or pay a premium for average service. You deserve the highest-level of quality and security support and with guardNOW, you will receive that.
At guardNOW we need to fully understand your mission, to certify that we provide the right security officers and support to help you accomplish your security goals.
Ultimately, with guardNOW your short term needs are made a priority, because your event and security circumstance is just as important as our long-term security clients
Some of duties our guardNOW guards will perform while servicing your needs during the party:

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