Eid al Adha


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Security Guards for Eid al Adha
guardNOW can provide Security Eid al Adha. Eid al Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice” is an important day is the Islamic faith and commemorates the day Abraham prepared to sacrifice is son at the request of God. God then praised Abraham for his devotion and provided him a sheep for sacrifice instead. The festival lasts for 3 days and 2 nights and is celebrated Oct. 26-29. The days are marked with special prayers and conclude with the congregation exchanging greetings and small gifts to children.
It is also common for non-Muslim friends to be invited to the conclusion of the festival. On this special occasion, GuardNOW is ideally suited to offer security and respect for the Eid al Adha.
Protect your special services and ceremonies like Eid al Adha from religious zealots and criminals who would disrupt and desecrate them. GuardNOW is specialized in the protection and security of religious and cultural events.
List of security guard duties:
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