Close Protection


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What exactly is Close Protection?
Have you ever needed a group of individuals to ensure that you are safe in transit? Have you ever found yourself looking for a group to patrol your wedding or funeral event? Close protection is another service that we at guardNOW offer you. It’s involved and very planned out-but the ultimate goal is to mesh with the services that you need and that we offer.
We provide close protection to clients in Modesto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and in New York.
Our clients have used our close protection services to monitor the gift table at a wedding, watch the doors at a bat mitzvah, and walk the perimeter at a party. We do it all, and it’s all on a case by case basis. Your needs are our number one priority and we can easily get them addressed for you. We can help escort your guests to and from certain venues. We can also ensure that you and your guests are ready to have a party and not worry about the other services events that you might be working toward. We can supervise the guard area and monitor your guests so that you don’t have to.
Why Close Protection?
Do you want peace of mind with close protection? The answer in most cases is likely yes. In fact, we offer you services that cannot be matched. We offer you personalized services that ensure the day you walk down the aisle or host an event are relatively pain free. Our backgrounds in the military and in the law field serve us well.
Places that we have been requested to guard with our close protection services include:
These are only a smattering of the services we have provided for our clients. You already have enough on your plate without having to worry about where you are going to put guests, who will check them in and if you have any problems. Security and staff is where we come in. Close protection services are invaluable and offer an extremely dynamic process to you as you plan your event. Instead of concentrating on stretching yourself too thin, instead you should entrust this to the professionals. We offer you a series of services.
We are available twenty four hours a day seven day as week. Our services are available with discretion. You cannot have a whole and sound operation without discretion. We are ready to keep your ideas in confidence and offer you the peace of mind that you deserve. We work with all levels of clients in the local area. Our team of top security personnel can easily monitor your gift table and help to escort your guests.
Close protection guards act as greeters, monitor your house and the area and allow you to have the peace of mind that comes with close protection services. We can ensure that your event is easily monitored, your tables and assets are guarded and more.
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