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guardNOW Commercial Building and Venues Security Services
You’re opening up the newest toy store in your city. You’re expecting a huge turnout. With high crowds, it’s difficult to keep an eye on everything and you want to prevent any type of theft. Bring guardNOW in on the big day to make sure everyone and everything remains safe. With our highly trained guards we can guarantee your losses will be kept to an absolute minimum.
GuardNOW is exceptionally positioned to implement total security solutions for commercial properties and offices, resulting in enhanced operating efficiency and marketability for property managers and develops alike. In addition to location and amenities, a building’s competitive advantage often is defined by the quality of services offered, including security.
Responsibilities of the GuardNOW security staff in the commercial business environment are diverse, and it is crucially important to work with a security firm that can offer people and expertise to function as an integral part of the building and property management team.
We offer the highest-quality and most technologically advanced security services available in the building security industry to meet the needs of commercial facilities. Our security professionals know how buildings operate and are experienced in providing the most concise understanding to building security for building owners, investors and tenants alike.
We Are Focused on Your Commercial Building Security Solutions
Our team of qualified security professionals have the knowledge and skills required to address a wide range of security related issues and concerns. They can assess current security measures and vulnerabilities, and develop site specific security solutions that incorporate best practices to protect commercial buildings.
Conducting Effective Security Training
The presence of highly-trained security officers is a critical factor in preventing loss, keeping unauthorized people out of a facility, and helping safeguard tenants and the general public. Security officers must know how to successfully operate highly technical equipment, impartially enforce building policies and procedures, and competently respond to building emergencies, such as fires, bomb threats, medical emergencies and power failures. GuardNOW security officers understand their roles and responsibility to interact appropriately and communicate effectively in every situation. To help security officers understand the multifaceted commercial building environment and security’s role in protecting it, GuardNOW has developed customized training programs specifically targeted to building operations.
Building security education and training covers topics such as the types of buildings, ID card and pass systems, package and delivery control, elevators, locks, video surveillance systems, fires, bomb threats and natural disasters.
We Have Developed Sound Security Policies and Procedures
Using technology to document and educate sound policies and procedures are essential for the smooth functioning of a building and the protection of people and property in a commercial facility. guardNOW can assist building management to offer a collaborative, proactive approach to maintain safe and secure building environments. This includes facility workshops, tenant education news and information.
List of security guard duties:        
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