Thanksgiving Day


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Security Guard Services for Thanksgiving Day
guardNOW can provide security for Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is a cultural holiday in the United States but has its roots in traditional religious holidays that focus on giving thanks for the bounties of the day. In the United States Thanks giving is a national holiday which celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. Celebrations are primarily occasions for family and friends to come together for large meals and to watch football. Additionally, restaurants usually offer special Thanksgiving Day specials for larger groups. guardNOW is no turkey when it comes to providing security
Celebrations such as Thanksgiving Day, should not be a time of hurt feelings and family strife. If there is a threat from an uninvited friend or family member or if there is someone who will chose the occasion wreck havoc on the family it can ruin to whole day. guardNOW can be on your property or at your gathering place and provide the security that will give you peace of mind.
List of security guard duties:
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