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Concert Security Guards
For any concert, security is an important issue, particularly when you have over 10,000 fans at a three hour event all wanting to enjoy themselves amongst others who have other intentions or face impaired judgements due to alcohol consumption. With any large group of people where alcohol is accessible a problem is bound to happen. With guardNOW concert security, you have properly trained security guards who are able to quickly and quietly diffuse any situation so everyone can enjoy themselves. Our security guards are always in control of the venue and its guests. Our security guards will escort and remove all attendees creating mishaps and causing problems.
Is having concert security guards really necessary?
If you have ever attended or hosted a concert event, then you know how important it is to have the proper coverage for concert security guards. In both circumstances there is liability attached with not having the correct amount of security guards to ensure that control of the concert goers is maintained.
In recent news, we have seen the dangers of organizing a concert with insufficient and inexperienced security. The number of shootings and deaths at after party events and concert events have only risen in recent years.
There have been events with a small number of people at venues still experiencing large fights and altercations breaking out. In both circumstances there is liability attached with not having the correct amount of security guards to ensure that control of the concert goers is maintained.
People might have misconceptions of what a security guard does. Is the security guard simply standing in front of the dressing room door, doing nothing? Not really. Security is a deterrent, the mere presence of security guards deter people from event attempting to break the rules. Whether the security guard is monitoring attendees or merchandise is sole security guards reduce thousands of dollars in theft by simply being there.
Because crowd management and security is a top priority for events and venues, a large number of event staff members are needed to oversee this important task. These crowd management employees have received training in the field but are not formal law enforcement officers. They are the event staff you are likely to see at stadiums or sports arenas, award shows, music festivals, special events, fairs, festivals, golf tournaments, sporting events, raceways, university events or convention centers. Simply put, they keep things in order and respond when an incident gets out of hand or needs mediation. They are most commonly known as crowd management staff and their duties range extensively under the umbrella of putting on a safe and crowd controlled event.
Crowd management employees enjoy many of the same perks that many event volunteers and other staff members enjoy. They get to attend exciting local events and make money while doing so! The job however, is a serious one and all crowd management staff members are expected to have a good time but to work hard as well.
As event security and crowd management providers we do train and provide security staff based on guard availability to local venues. Working for an event security service provider such as guardNOW is a great way to gain training and experience in the events industry.
With guardNOW security services, your event will receive the proactive, comprehensive security plan and professional security guards needed to protect your attendees and property at cost-effective prices. With reliable security in place, you can focus on providing attendees an enjoyable event experience. Our trained guards are familiar with the liability risks inherent in events with high population density, such as theft, bodily injury, and evacuation challenges, and will take every precaution to reduce those risks.
Our security services enhance safety without compromising the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere your attendees expect. We focus on effective crowd management, organized security, clear communications, contingency planning, risk mitigation, threat assessment, and evacuation planning. Additionally, our guards can provide access control, traffic and parking enforcement, fire watch, metal detector operation, VIP escorts, and mobile patrol.
Since 2010, GuardNOW Security has provided California with superior security services at competitive rates. All of our officers complete a rigorous security training program, receive ongoing on-the-job instruction, pass thorough background checks, and are screened for drugs.
We provide uniformed or plainclothes guards, who can either be armed or unarmed. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and provide 24/7 dispatch services. Call us today for a free quote and customized security assessment.
GuardNOW cost-effective concerts and sporting events security services include:    
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