Raksha Bandhan


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Security for Raksha Bandhan
guardNOW can provide security for Raksha Bandhan . This is a ceremony celebrating the relationship between brothers, sisters and cousins. This festival is observed by Hindus, some Sikhs, and Muslims. The primary ceremony features a rakhi or sacred thread tied onto the brothers’ wrist by the sister. The Rakhi represents the bond between the siblings and their mutual promise to love and protect each other. GuardNOW has participated in providing security for a number of festivals such as Raksha Bandhan.
Raksha Bandhan, and similar festivals are significant and important cultural occasions. Having a awareness of and respect for the occasion is one of GuardNOW’s guiding tenants. When these events are threatened by violence or denigration, GuardNOW has the expertise and sensitivity to provide the appriot level of security to ensure a safe and enjoyable time.
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