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Security Guard Services For Concrete Pouring
oncrete takes time to mix, pour and level. After many hours of time and much money has been invested into a concrete project of any size, you will find it to become a great headache and nuisance for vandalism to have been committed on to your newly cemented walkway. At GuardNow, we know that your time and investment is important to you, that is why we have offered the service of monitoring and guarding newly poured concrete.
You could man the location until the next day yourself or just contact guardNOW and we will get our guys out there is a flash, so you can go home to your family while we make sure the hard work you put in the project does not go to waste.
Our Security Guards at GuardNOW have been protecting on site construction zones/concrete pouring for a long time now.
Upon request (24/7), an armed, licensed, bonded and insured security guard will be promptly dispatched to secure/protect your construction site(s) and equipment. The guardNOW guard will patrol and monitor the construction site area(s) & equipment.
Calls are received and our professional security guards will interface with local law enforcement to coordinate security efforts at your building project.
Our Construction Site Security Services are designed to help lower building costs and site development time, which in turn helps our clients see a higher profit margin, because there are fewer site accidents, less inventory shrinkage and shorter development timelines.
So whether you are a single homeowner who has just poured concrete for your home’s new walkway, or you are a large development corporation and currently laying down the building foundation after excavation has been completed, our security can help protect and secure your site from vandalism and theft.
List of security duties:    
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