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Business Alarm Response Security
Do you need someone for an alarm Response? Everyday no matter where you live anyone can get burglarized. There have been many incidents where people have called us at guardNOW to protect their facility or home after an incident. If you want someone there ASAP and protecting your home for long after until you feel safe, our high quality trained security guards are there for you.
What is an Alarm Response Security Guard?
An alarm response is when a the alarm of your home or business is triggered and you need someone there to ensure that your facility or home was not broken into. What typically happens after an alarm sounds is that the alarm company may contact you to verify that nothing has happened. If you unaware of any incident they ask you to check on it, if you don’t check on it, typically the police is called. The police often time does respond and since 90% of alarm response cases are false alarms where the alarm was trigger by a cat or the wind, the police then sends you a bill from $300 and in some cities up to $600 for their time.
guardNOW has found a fast and easy solution for this problem which is getting ordering our alarm response security. We check your facility for you so you don’t need to worry about notifying the police or checking the facility yourself, we can do it for you.
guardNOW has been there for many and its also the quickest and best way to get and have protection nationwide. No matter what you may need or want Security Guards for we always have you covered.
How long does it take for an alarm response guard to respond?
That really depends on the day, time, and how far you are from one of our local convenient offices. Give us a call to see how it is that we may be able to help you with our convenient security guards.
List of alarm response guard duties:    
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