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Festivals & Carnivals Security Services
You’re running a festival and getting a lot of people together for a great time and celebration. Unfortunately, you always have to plan for someone getting out of control. With GuardNOW our Security Guards are always there to keep everyone in line, your festival will run smoothly and keep everything happy and fun.
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Security for Street Festivals or Carnivals
guardNOW can provide security for Street Carnivals. Street Festivals as the name would imply are usually held on city streets that have be blocked off for car and bicycle traffic. The sides of the street are usually dedicated to various venders and musicians selling their merchandize and providing entertainment and spectacle for the passing pedestrians. The festivals are also usually themed around and seasonal or cultural event.
Street Festivals present a special security risk. The many venders need to able to safely and freely display and sell their merchandise without the hassle of roaming thugs or vandals. GuardNOW has been involved in many Street Festivals and is well experienced in proving the unique security needed.
List of security duties:      
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