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Concierge Services
In hospitals, concierge security services are becoming increasingly more popular. A concierge provides similar services to those of a hotel concierge, but serves patients and employees as well. This helps employees and helps to provide balance and continued productivity.
Or a new building is opening and you have no one to help direct guests to where they need to go. Leaving you exposed to a possible break-in or situation where the premises are burglarized.
With guardNOW you will be able to get a highly skilled, pleasant, and knowledgeable security guard on your site to deter and direct people who enter your building, giving you the freedom and availability to monitor guests and give tours to your patrons.
guardNOW offers the best secured concierge services at all times no matter when and what time you will need or want it. We at guardNOW always have you covered.
There are numerous independent personal concierge companies that provide errand services and information services for their members. Services include informational requests, making telephone calls, and more. Shouldn’t you work with one that also provides security?
Don’t sacrifice experience, professionalism and efficiency simply because you have short-term security needs. Whether you need emergency security services for an unforeseen occurrence or you require temporary coverage for a planned event, you don’t have to settle for lesser quality services or pay a premium for average service.
You deserve the highest-level of quality and security support and with GuardNOW, you will receive that.
At guardNOW we need to fully understand your mission, to certify that we provide the right security officers and support to help you accomplish your security goals.
There will always be a primary point of contact and a management team on-hand for communication.
Ultimately, with guardNOW your short term needs are made a priority, because your event and security circumstance is just as important as our long-term security clients.
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