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Our clients utilize our party security services to design safety measures that protect them from any imminent threats. In many cases we may be called in to design safety routes, security systems, patrols, transit routes and more. Our team of party security come on foot, in patrol cars, with weapons and armed with the knowledge that many of them have in their backgrounds. Some of our party security guards were formerly in the military others were and are police officers.
Our party security teams in both Los Angeles and New York can easily perform reconnaissance missions that allow you to travel en route to other venues with all of your safety measures cared for beforehand. We have these men and women on staff to provide you with an easily accessible party security, who are licensed to carry a weapon. We offer you options for that guard to be covert or easily viewable to the general public as well.
Celebrate Your Party With Our Private Security
Did you know that stars like Lindsey Lohan and Eva Longoria tout both a party security when they go to yoga class and the coffee shop. They even advertise the training that their party security personnel have had and make sure that those professionals are extremely visible so that any paparazzi or prying eye might just want to turn and walk away. The allure of having a party security is not only their swift response and personal knowledge field its a combination of discretion and training. We offer this to all of our executives.
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Party Security is not only around to protect you from the possible threats, but we are also part of a solution ensuring that what needs to be kept personal stays that way. Our security guards have the unique training and discretion is paramount to our success as a nationwide professional party security company. We are available in high risk situations and as private security professionals.
Common questions asked about party security guards
Instead of leaking the information we are the wall that blocks it from coming out. Our team understands that all too well because of our backgrounds. One little leak could cost a whole operation. We call it counter-surveillance and we employ it all all of our party security operations. Our security guards can help to prevent unwanted guests from coming into your party and ruining what you worked so hard to plan. Don’t let your party turn into an uncontrollable mass of unwanted people like the movies. What we find is that with the uncontrolled guests list, people invite other people, who invite other people and before you know it, you have hundreds of other uninvited people at your party.
Whether you need us every day for a month or for a single event-we are available. Simply call us or click on the site to get started. Within a matter of seconds our party security guards will be available to get you registered and ready
List of common party security guard duties:      
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