The Best Trained and Prepared Security Guards – Complete Security Solutions

One of the biggest reasons to choose 247 Private Security is that we have exceptionally stringent hiring requirements and training for the security guards that we bring on. We take a lot of pride in guaranteeing our clients the best protection, and we’re able to do so because of the quality and experience of our guards.


Our training programs are comprehensive and designed to keep our guards up to date with security industry best practices. Before they get that far, though, our security guards have been thoroughly vetted. In order for a guard to be considered for employment, they must pass a drug test, a physical fitness exam, and a written examination. They cannot have a criminal record or a history of disciplinary action. Many of our guards have police or military backgrounds, but at the minimum, we require all new guards to have at least one year of security experience.


In addition, we require a number of certifications and abilities of our guards before they’re given the opportunity to serve our clients. They must be authorized to work in the state of California, carry themselves neatly and professionally, speak and write fluent English, have outstanding customer service skills, possess at least a high school diploma and a valid California Guard Card, pass a drug test, background check and employment verification, and our armed guards must possess a firearm permit. Our requirements are as high as our expectations, and we are proud to only have the best guards in the industry.


Security guard training and selective hiring practices are vital to ensure our clients’ absolute safety and satisfaction. Call us today at (888) 887 0021 or email