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Since 2010 our customers have been able to order their own private security at the touch of a button receving the best pricing available. Our simple pricing is competitive and completely transparent-making the experience much more enjoyable. Additional discounts are also given for long-term or regular use.
At GuardNOW, we conduct in-depth federal grade background checks and in-person interviews on all guards. Verifying all licenses, permits, criminal records and psychological examinations. Every guard booking is also insured up to 1,000,000.00 for added peace-of-mind.
GuardNOW guards are highly-trained security professionals enhanced with innovative security technology, who are also periodically and continually tested and trained for executing the best decisions in high-stress environments.
GuardNOW security guard company has simplified and streamlined the booking process. Giving you time and comfort to focus on what’s most important.
Your safety and security is our primary concern. We offer clients digital two-way communication and mass mobile notifications to ensure streamlined communication at all times. We have implemented and offer clients industry-first technology that has been developed to save lives and reduce response times.
With a GuardNOW security guard company, you will never worry about having cash on hand. Customers have the option to pay securely online or through our web app. Commercial and long-term clients can also be set-up on reoccurring billing for added convenience.

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Compton Security Guard Services That Will Make a Difference!
guardNOW has security guards in Compton patrolling events and different locations. GuardNOW’s superb private security services will help decrease the incident rate of crime by showing criminals that they have a professional attitude towards maintaining order. Compton city has a history of violence but still, maintains its strong community ties. GuardNOW’s security guards wants to lift Compton to bigger heights where crime is not an issue.
guardNOW is now franchising out throughout out the nation and residents in Compton have the opportunity to own and have their very own guardNOW! Our Security Guards have covered countless of events throughout the Compton area everything from parties all the way to family gatherings.
No matter what anyone or everyone need security for guardNOW is always there. guardNOW will unsure your safety and decrease crime all over town.Creating a sense of community is of high importance within every neighborhood, which is why guardNOW offers security guard in that location as well.
Security guards who are close with the locals are vital to safety and order along side forging community bonds that encourage the residents to avoid crime. The Sherrif’s department has done phenomenal in creating community ties and keeping peace in cities, but the sad fact is that these police officers and sheriff deputies do not have the man power or resources to actively watch each business and this is why security guards from guardNOW are vital.
Give us a call today for franchising information to have your very own GuardNOW or to acquire the best Security Guards in the industry.Every city can use security guards to care for its people.
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