When you see a security guard at a business, you note two things. First, you know that whoever is in there, yourself included, is safe to do their business. And second, you know that whatever that business is, is important. There’s a reason that you don’t see security guards at lemonade stands.


That very first impression isn’t the whole story, though. We’ve been around a long time, and have observed a lot of other positive benefits from having a visible security presence patrolling a place of business. Here are some of the other reasons that we’ve seen for having a trained guard.



Criminals are, almost without exception, lazy. They don’t want to go to too much trouble to get whatever it is they’re after, and security guards are the dictionary definition of too much trouble for your average thug. They see a highly trained professional protecting a storefront or warehouse, and the idea of taking them on head-on is about as tempting as going out and getting an actual job. Whatever appetizing take they expect to find in a guarded business isn’t worth dealing with the security guard, so they will turn right around and look for an easier steal.


Of course, outright criminals aren’t the only people that a business might not want to darken their door. Loiterers are a huge deterrent to customers, and if there isn’t someone there to ask the loiterers to leave, the uncomfortable customer might just choose to go elsewhere.



Security guards are memorable. They’re proof that a business has something very worth protecting, and that the area they’re in is safe, as well. Guards are good for neighborhoods. The business employing the guard won’t be targeted, certainly, but the guard’s presence also helps to clean up and protect the area as a whole. A lot of business owners are proud of their role as community leaders, and having a security guard cements that fact. You’re bringing in business, you’re bringing in jobs, and you’re also keeping the area cleaner and safer for your neighbors as well as your employees and customers. Businesspeople often relish opportunities to boost their neighborhood, and a security guard is a major way to do that.



When something does go wrong, security guards are able to help, and that could be the most compelling reason of all for a business to hire their services. Our security guards have been able to assist in countless altercations. From our armed guards literally saving lives and preventing crimes, to assisting police investigations as key witnesses, to detaining criminals, we are deeply proud of the bravery our team has shown over the years. The presence of a professionally trained security guard has prevented severe property damage and has indeed been the difference between life and death, countless times.


Security guards keep precious things safe, and if that’s how you view your business, customers, and employees, hiring one just might be worth it.