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Since 2010 our customers have been able to order their own private security at the touch of a button receving the best pricing available. Our simple pricing is competitive and completely transparent-making the experience much more enjoyable. Additional discounts are also given for long-term or regular use.
At GuardNOW, we conduct in-depth federal grade background checks and in-person interviews on all guards. Verifying all licenses, permits, criminal records and psychological examinations. Every guard booking is also insured up to 1,000,000.00 for added peace-of-mind.
GuardNOW guards are highly-trained security professionals enhanced with innovative security technology, who are also periodically and continually tested and trained for executing the best decisions in high-stress environments.
GuardNOW security guard company has simplified and streamlined the booking process. Giving you time and comfort to focus on what’s most important.
Your safety and security is our primary concern. We offer clients digital two-way communication and mass mobile notifications to ensure streamlined communication at all times. We have implemented and offer clients industry-first technology that has been developed to save lives and reduce response times.
With a GuardNOW security guard company, you will never worry about having cash on hand. Customers have the option to pay securely online or through our web app. Commercial and long-term clients can also be set-up on reoccurring billing for added convenience.

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guardNOW Security Guards in San Francisco Here to Protect!
For some reason lack of security guards in San Francisco has lead to the rise of personal theft. Smart phones and tablets are being stolen all over the bay area. The recent report by The Huffington Post has shown that people are being targeted as they walk done the street and ride on public transit. People are getting attacked while going to a meeting and more. These are preventable crimes, and the San Francisco police department reported them as such. They are crimes that are committed by thieves who look at you as the victim. They see what you have and they want it. Unaware, the victim is caught by total surprise. Without proper security, theft of these devices can be extremely harmful especially if you are putting your personal data on the phone. Theft-related crimes are largely preventable and we can prevent through education and awareness. The police department offers you several types of services. The public service department cannot protect you from the problems that arise. But we can.

guardNOW is a full private service security in San Francisco that offers you with the expertise and professionalism that you need in order to get you the safety that you need. In most cases it’s extremely easy to be affronted when you are not thinking about people. So what is the solution? guardNOW is one of the top rated security guard companies in San Francisco and the nation. Since its creation in 2010 the company has provide thousands of clients with top rated security guard services. Crime is a show stopper, who knows that when you have one of our guards on staff we are ready to stop it in its track so that you too can have a great time with our San Francisco Security.

San Francisco Security Guard Services
Out of the 10,000 nationwide security guard companies out there GuardNOW is the most reliable security company in San Francisco. Why? Because we offer you intrinsic solutions to many issues. We are ready to work with your budget. We offer you foot patrol, vehicle monitoring armed guards and evaluations of all sites. Our security company is also available from Los Angeles to New York City. That means if you love our services you can hire a GuardNOW security guard to meet you in the next city and continue to provide you with the same expert services that you know and love.
We have skilled security San Francisco that are at the ready to serve. You can call us know and within two hours we will be there provide you with services that you request and need.
Our clients in San Francisco report that without our security guards their parties would have fallen through, their personal property would have been stolen and their lives disrupted.
We are the security San Francisco professionals that prevent home invasions our mere presence is enough to make that happen. Crime actually happens in insidious ways. It worms its way into a place and happens right under your nose. Employees that steal it systems, neighbors that take flagstones, copper take from construction sites and more. These examples are usually unnoticed until it’s time for the accountant to find out where certain valuables have gone. By then the crimes have already been committed and your wallet has already felt the loss. So call us and let our security guards in San Francisco keep you protected.
Party & Event Security Guard Services in San Francisco
If you are throwing a party or event in San Francisco and need security guard services then you have come to the right company. guardNOW specializes in security for parties such as weddings, event, birthday parties, anniversaries, holiday parties, and much more. We have worked with UC Merced, UC Berkely, and many other colleges as well for fraternity parties, and school parties so give us a call to see how we can help you.