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Why Use Traffic Control Security Guard Services?

By May 18, 2013Blog

Your throwing a huge party, you have the place set, as well as the guest count. Uh oh.. you just realize that there is not enough parking at the location you are going to be working. So what do you do? The topic of today’s blog is when to get a traffic control security guards.

What exactly is traffic control & special event traffic management?

Traffic control is not just a person to protect pedestrians but it is also used to help vehicles from crashing into each other. Some cities can have thousands of events a year some of which include sporting events, parades, or large parties.

Below is a video on the detailed uses of traffic control refer to it as a guide to get an idea of how to best keep yourself safe.

When are traffic control management security guards required?

There are a lot of reasons to traffic control security guard services on hand. In case of an emergency such as an injury, or other disaster, a traffic control security officer will be used to allow ambulance access to injured guests to go to the hospital. Typically traffic control security guards are used when a large amount of people are going to be at an event and there needs to be a coordination of and regulation of people and cars. Typical requests from local cities are:

  • name of the event
  • where the event will be held
  • how will local businesses & home owners enter area
  • noise level and activity
  • type of event
  • report to PD (police depart)
  • report to Dot (department of transportation)

Typically requirements from cities for large events

  • How will the event effect the community
  • How will emergency vehicles be effected
  • How will traffic flow be changed
  • Will local businesses and stores be effected
  • Verifying its property is leased

Tips for security guards acting as traffic control

Many drivers who have used the same path over and over again may be frustrated when they at delayed by a traffic control officer.  If you are a traffic control officer or security guard use these tips as guidance on what to do when you run into traffic control issues.

  • Make your presence know as much as possible (get their attention)
    • Use lights, and signs to make sure people see you
  • Guide them quickly and safely around you
  • Be weary of hills & curvy roads that block your view
    • If drivers can’t see you your going to be in trouble
  • Location of the barriers should be part of the traffic control plan
    • Know where barriers will be before you do anything
    • Mark ahead of time where the posts and signs will go
    • Have someone with you to put signs up (wind can make it hard to do it alone)
  • When posting signs put the first sign first
  • Keep your vehicle completely off the road
  • Cones are used as marks to tell traffic where not to go (use them)
  • When cleaning up the signs do the last up first down removal process
  • Take signs down overnight if you are not doing traffic control
    • If you leave the signs up drivers will think there is something going on and stop
    • If you do that enough you will condition drivers to not slow when they see the sign

Flagger- Flaggers is the second line of attention for drivers. They are the first people in the work zone to deal with apposing traffic. It is one of the most responsible jobs in traffic control. They are all workers eyes and ears. IF they are playing around and not paying attention, they jeopardize the lives of people they are there to protect. They have to slow down or stop any drivers who do no catch the first signs of stopping.

Be careful because as the line gets long that increases the likelihood of a car being rear ended.

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