GuardNOW is a far more affordable security solution than you may expect. Our security guard services are all inclusive, so for one low predetermined price you get:

  • Any number of polished, professional uniformed security guards
  • Fully customizable security and monitoring strategy
  • Hourly progress reports
  • Around-the-clock access to guardNOW’s full service command center
  • Choice of armed or unarmed guard services
  • 100% customizable security solutions

GuardNOW believes that private security is more than just a business. It is an invaluable service that we are honored to provide at a fair price to friends and neighbors who need it. We’ve made sure that guardNOW is simple to use. Our no obligation quotes show you in two minutes, with six clicks, what we can give you and what you will be charged. Online booking and payment is just as easy.

GuardNOW is proud to prioritize our ease of use; our service’s accessibility is so important to us that we have become industry leaders in customer service over our two decades in business. We believe in helping people, making their lives easier and more secure from the moment they reach our site to when they receive their final report. We are the undisputed simplest and fastest way to order security guards nationwide.