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Tarzana Security Guards

By January 2, 2015Blog

Tarzana’s Most Exciting Security Company

guardNOW® is Tarzana’s most exciting new security company. Founded almost five years ago, guardNOW is set to revolutionize the way that American cities protect their interests. Thanks to their interest in streamlining the security hiring process for customer, while maintaining industry defining standards for the guard they hire, guardNOW is already the fastest growing security firm in the state, and Tarzana security guards are taking note.

Tarzana Security Guards are Thrilled by the New Opportunities

Thanks to guardNOW’s rate of growth, it has become a promising option for security professionals looking for steady work. The truth is, thanks to the rate of applicants, guardNOW can afford to be highly-selective towards whom they offer coveted security positions. This is great for both qualified applicants, who know that they’ll be working for a company that values their skills, and for clients, who demand professionalism and competence.

guardNOW’s Tarzana Security Guards are Veterans and Law Enforcement Professionals

Veterans and law enforcement, the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our nation, are highly-valued by guardNOW, and given priority treatment during hiring. Thanks to the higher rates of veterans living in the areas surrounding Tarzana, a sizable portion of guardNOW’s armed security professionals have real combat experience and military training, making them ideal guards and watchmen, capable of knowing when to use their weapon, and more importantly, when not to.

Tarzana Locals Love Us!

Because we’re local to Tarzana, we know how to tailor our services to the region’s unique needs. Tarzana security guards live in the communities in which they serve, which helps motivate them to focus on customer service, especially because more than just their pay is on the line. Their reputation is as well. This connection to the local community means that guardNOW’s guards serve with a passion and focus unparalleled by competitors that also serve the area.

If you’re a Tarzana local interested in the services that our Tarzana security guards can offer, then give us a call at 877-guardNOW, or find us on the web at Whether you’re looking to secure a massive festival with hundreds of guards on staff, or protect a small wedding with just a simple doorman, our Tarzana security guards never disappoint.

About guardNOW:

guardNOW provides skilled professional security guards who know what to do in the event of an unforeseen incident. Guards are able to come to a location in just two hours without the need of a long term contract. Clients include small businesses, residences where the owners may be out of town, neighborhood surveillance, construction sites or vacant building that needs to be supervised. Specializing in nontraditional security guard services, guardNOW offers premium service for safety and security needs., (877) 482-7366.