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guardNOW’s primary duty is to deter crime, protect people and property, and exceed client expectations in every way. We provide the full gamut of security services, all specially customized to fit individualized situations. Our

guards, armed or unarmed, provide not only a strong deterrence to criminally minded mischief makers, but also offer peace of mind for event hosts, business owners, and employees alike. This is what makes us one of the best

rated security companies in Los Angeles.

Security Services Los Angeles: How can guardNOW help?

We are experts at event security, providing services for events as small as one night parties to week long festivals with thousands of people in attendance. We also provide bodyguard services for celebrities, public dignitaries, and

other high profile clients, as well as permanent security solutions for a variety of industries. The services guardNOW provides vary, but our exceptionally high standards remain constant.

Security Guard Services Provided in Los Angeles

Our Security Guards Serve Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to prestigious medical centers, record labels, and movie studios, yes, but it is also a global tourist destination. Fortunately, whether you’re trying to keep tourists out of sensitive areas, or organize a large

event, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

guardNOW’s areas of service extend far beyond the borders of L.A. county. Reaching from the San Gabriel Valley, to Malibu, to Disneyland in Anaheim and all the way up into Northern California, guardNOW can provide customized,

on-demand temporary security at a moment’s notice.

Quick Alarm Response GuardNOW Van
The guardNOW brand puts an extremely high premium on the prevention and deterrence of crime.. Having visible security guards and performing timely vehicle or foot patrols creates a sense of security, keeps criminals from

striking, and ensures that the things our clients value most remain safe. The sense of security that our clients feel as a result of our services complements our own sense of a job well done.

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