Standard Security Guard Equipment Components

Security Guard Equipment

Once you have researched your local security companies and have selected a security guard service based on your personal, business, home, or event needs, you may wonder what resources, or standard security guard equipment components, each officer will have while helping secure your residence, office, or special event. Although equipment types and usage may vary from one security company to another, most standard security guard equipment components are relatively typical throughout the industry in the United States.

Below are several standard security guard equipment components that you may want to be aware of ahead of time, as many security companies will provide their guards with this type of equipment in order to best assist clients with their security needs:

Uniforms: The Primary Standard Security Guard Equipment Components
The most visible standard security guard equipment components are the designated uniform provided by the company you choose to hire. However, security guard uniforms can certainly vary in terms of their visibility. For more covert security objectives, security officers may wear event-appropriate uniforms to avoid attracting attention. In other situations, clients prefer that security guards stand out and exude a more overt presence. As a result, special uniforms with unique coloring, private security badges, and other relevant equipment can create a more prominent security presence when needed.

Firearms: The Intimidating Standard Security Guard Equipment Components
A gun is the most common type of weapon in the security guard equipment arsenal, and sometimes considered standard security guard equipment components, should clients decide to book armed guards.

Security guards that are legally allowed to have guns on them while on the clock must complete the same training as unarmed security guards, but with an additional course in carrying and using firearms while on duty. This additional training includes a classroom session as well as a shooting range session where guards will practice using their firearms.

Similar to the standard guard card certifications, permits that allow security officers to carry firearms must also be renewed once every two years. In fact, firearms licensing for security guards is required in many states, such as California, Texas, and New York. Additionally, proficiency for carrying firearms as standard security guard equipment components is expected and mandated by almost every security agency or company.

Mobile Technology: The Most Convenient Standard Security Guard Equipment Components
Though you may not immediately associate them with standard security guard equipment components, mobile phones are an essential piece of security guard equipment. Carrying mobile phones while on duty allows security officers and guards to communicate continually and quickly with management, fellow security staff members, and clients.

Additionally, mobile technology allows security officers and guards to contact outside authorities, such as local law enforcement or the fire department, should any emergencies or imminent threats arise during their shifts. While the majority of communication for security guards typically involves the use of radio devices, cell phones are useful and accessible types of security guard equipment. Using mobile phones for this purpose also offers a higher level of privacy compared to using radio channels to communicate about the current statuses or secured sites.

Vehicles: The Most Overt Standard Security Guard Equipment Components
Security patrol units often utilize motor vehicles to conduct monitoring and surveillance activities. Regular patrols can inspect your location by using cars (vans, sedans, or standard-sized vehicles) as an important part of security guard equipment. Security vehicles may be specially colored or otherwise marked for increased visibility. Alternatively, they may resemble normal, non-security vehicles to allow patrols to proceed unnoticed.

At guardNOW®, our skilled staff of security professionals has extensive experience and proficiency in these standard security guard equipment components. Additionally, guardNOW has extensive liability insurance to cover all incidental damages to our guards, their security equipment, or your property in case of any accident.

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