Event Guard Services

Event Guard Services

Whether you’re hosting a beautiful wedding, swanky corporate party, or taciturn industry convention, guardNOW® has your back! We provide top-of-the-line event guard services at competitive rates, and have a company-wide focus on short-term protection.

Our company was founded when our CEO saw a kind old lady unable to navigate the complicated world of security guards, and realized there was a market for simple, easy to acquire security. Naturally, that realization dovetailed well into the often underserved market of short-term security. It is our firm belief that short-term and event guard services make up just as vital a customer base as any long-term client, and we have developed industry defining procedures to better serve that base.

This Internet webpage should serve as a guide, illuminating, but by no means exhausting, the kinds of events for which we can provide event guard services.

Corporate Functions
From company parties, to industry tradeshows, to professional conventions, guardNOW is at home in the corporate world. Our company knows the unique security challenges that this arena hosts, and we are pros at protecting intangibles like intellectual property and secret company strategies, as well as coping with the more physical challenges, like disgruntled employees, corporate saboteurs, and reckless and intoxicated event guests.

Our security professionals are comfortable in the corporate world, and can even provide auxiliary services, such as reception, should there be a need. If you are looking to staff corporate security guards in your company, guardNOW is a safe bet!

Our corporate function event guard services include:

  • Manning the door to prevent unwanted guests
  • Monitoring alcohol tables to prevent under aged workers from drinking
  • Posting patrols in front of doors that lead to restricted areas so employees and saboteurs don’t use the commotion to steal sensitive information
  • Escorting rowdy and disgruntled individuals off premise
  • Coordinating with law enforcement in the event of an emergency

Private Parties and Weddings
One of our passions as a company is making sure that private celebrations go off without a hitch. We secure hundreds of weddings a year, and many more parties. Our guards are trained to man doors, handle rowdy guests, and prevent crimes like gift theft. guardNOW security professionals are trained to keep a low profile and only intervene at the will of the client, or when life or property is threatened, and help to ensure that every guest gets the most enjoyment out of their time at an event.

While many question the value of having security professionals at a party, those who have had their events secured by guardNOW know just the kind of difference a team of trained security professionals can make. If you’re hosting a large gathering, whether in the form of a wedding, or a party, you can’t go wrong with guardNOW.

We provide the following event guard services:

  • Manning the door to prevent unwanted guests
  • Monitoring alcohol tables to prevent under aged drinking
  • Securing private portions of your home or event space from prying visitors
  • Protecting gifts from gift theft
  • Breaking up any fights that do occur
  • Coordinating with law enforcement in the event of an emergency

Entertainment Galas and Premieres
We secure about 25 red carpet events per year, and have provided personal protection for big-name celebrities like Kim Kardashian. We’re fluent in the language of the entertainment industry, and can protect VIPs, provide crowd control, and keep unwanted individuals out of exclusive events. We’ve been serving the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for the past five years, and look forward to many more!

We provide the following event guard services:

  • Body guarding services for VIPs
  • Acting as a deterrent to paparazzi
  • Controlling large groups of people to keep them from swarming an entrance, star, or object
  • Manning the door so gate-crashers don’t enter the event
  • Monitoring alcohol tables so those clearly intoxicated do not get served any more
  • Coordinating with law enforcement in the event of an emergency

These are just a sample of our event guard services. For a full list, click here. Place your order today through our online order form, or discuss your options with a security professional, by calling 877-guardNOW.

We look forward to help you find a solution for your event security needs!