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Franchise a Security Business Today!

By February 23, 2016Blog

Franchise a Security Business Today

Have you wondered what it would be like to own your own security guard business? Maybe you have thought about franchising a security guard business to learn the ins and outs of owning your own business. An advantage to franchising is that the business is already established and you don’t have to start from the ground up. Basically, the company gives you the right to market the company’s goods or services in a specific location. For example, our GuardNOW headquarters are based in Tarzana, CA, but we offer franchises in other locations. Typically the company (franchisor) sells the rights to the franchisee and then receives a fee for ongoing support.

Advantages of Franchising

There are quite a few benefits of franchising your own security guard business in comparison to starting up your own business from scratch. The biggest one is that there is a higher chance for success since you are (most likely) franchising from an established business that has a proven business formula in place. If you are in need of a loan, bankers usually look at franchises as a lower risk than a brand new start-up company and are more likely to loan money to the franchisee, and at a lower interest rate. Chances are that the franchise is recognized and has brand awareness. Franchising with GuardNOW, which has been established in the Los Angeles Metro area definitely would put you ahead of starting a brand new company with a brand new name. Customers are going to be more likely to choose GuardNOW as their security company, because of its credibility and reviews, over a company that does not have an established presence. People usually want to work with companies they know and trust, or can get good recommendations and feedback from others if they aren’t personally familiar. Another big advantage of franchising is that the companies usually provide extensive training and support to their franchisees in an effort for them to succeed.

Disadvantages of Franchising

It seems there are not quite as many disadvantages of franchising a security guard business as advantages. The biggest disadvantage is that it can be really costly, especially if franchises charge ongoing royalties. As mentioned above, the franchisor has a proven formula. However this can be a disadvantage for the franchisee because it does not allow for creative freedom or new business ideas. The franchisee must be really good at following directions and keeping the business at its proven standards.

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guardNOW provides skilled professional security guards who know what to do in the event of an unforeseen incident. Guards are able to come to a location in just two hours without the need of a long term contract. Clients include small businesses, residences where the owners may be out of town, neighborhood surveillance, construction sites or vacant building that needs to be supervised. Specializing in nontraditional security guard services, guardNOW offers premium service for safety and security needs., (877) 482-7366.