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Event Guard Services

By August 17, 2016Blog

Event Guard Services

Security guards aren’t just for VIPs who need help evading the paparazzi. A security professional, trained to provide safety and relief at your special event, just might turn out to be your unsung hero. Plus, the initial investment of booking event security can give you the peace of mind you deserve, especially when you have guests to entertain. Both armed and unarmed guards will help deter crime from taking place at your event. Although it’s ultimately up to you to determine what kind of guards you need, we’re here to consult you through the process. From summer parties to anniversary celebrations, here’s why it’s wise to hire security guards for your next event.\

Private Security For Your Special Event

Event security adds a calming vibe to any venue, whether it be a music festival or a private party. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t book a guard for your next major event. Experienced guards can take charge of your access control for a private gathering. Or, if you’re hosting a hip hop concert they can manage the front door. Planning a summer BBQ some time soon? Event guard services can also help you with crowd control so your neighbors don’t call the cops. Anything that keeps the party going is good in our book!

Did you know that the majority of venues now require security guards to be present if alcohol is being served? That’s why it’s always important to read the fine print. If you don’t, it can hurt you in the long run. If you’re not too thrilled about a uniform, you may request our guards to dress in plainclothes or all black to match the occasion. This will allow the security to carry a discreet charm without your guests being too distracted by them. Other ways a security guard can safeguard your special event include:

  • Guest-list monitoring, making sure that exclusive access is honored
  • Crowd-controlling, especially for major events like Coachella
  • Ensuring the minimum criteria is met when booking a venue
  • Ensuring the safety of all guests
  • Escorting guests
  • Patrolling the parking lot
  • Curbing chaotic behavior
  • Having a professional at the scene in case of an emergency
  • Preventing crime, vandalism, assault, etc.

How To Hire Security Services For Your Event

When consulting with a security guard company in Los Angeles, make sure you feel good about hiring them. Ask them why they do what they do. Ask them how long they’ve been in business and why they started a security business in the first place. Ask them how they hire and train their guards. All these questions will factor into how they serve you as a client. Due diligence is absolutely critical. You don’t want to spend money on guards who are always late, unprofessional, and just flat out don’t take the job seriously. Research the security company to learn if they:

  • Do background checks with their new-hires & perform an initial drug screening
  • Provide extensive security guard training plus ongoing classes
  • Provide armed guards for high-risk events
  • Provide unarmed guards for less risky events
  • Are bonded, licensed, and insured
  • Have worked with clients that host similar events
  • Offer the option to book online

A security guard gives you peace of mind to make sure all you do at your conference, music concert, or red carpet event is celebrate the right way. At GuardNOW, we make it fast and easy to book event guard services directly through our online portal. If you have any questions or concerns regarding security for your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 877-482-7366. If there’s a way to minimize your risks, we’ll be sure to do just that. And remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

About guardNOW:

guardNOW provides skilled professional security guards who know what to do in the event of an unforeseen incident. Guards are able to come to a location in just two hours without the need of a long term contract. Clients include small businesses, residences where the owners may be out of town, neighborhood surveillance, construction sites or vacant building that needs to be supervised. Specializing in nontraditional security guard services, guardNOW offers premium service for safety and security needs., (877) 482-7366.