Construction Security

Construction sites are often home to a lot of very costly goods. If you were to analyze the monetary value of raw materials and construction equipment at an average-sized build, you would be looking at millions of dollars’ worth of goods. Construction isn’t cheap!

And while most citizens wouldn’t think of construction sites as potential targets for theft, criminals look at sites and see nothing but dollar signs. Without adequate protection, expensive construction materials and equipment are ripe for the stealing.


What Great Construction Security Services You Can Expect from guardNOW?

That’s where guardNOW comes in. As industry leaders in around-the-clock construction site security, we are your go-to safety provider. guardNOW only employs highly trained and licensed armed and unarmed guards, and we are proud to provide your site with the expert protection you need.

Your construction site will be kept safe and secure with our well-trained guards on your team. Our security guards are specifically trained to protect vulnerable job sites, to keep your team and materials safe. Our staff uses industry best practices, cutting-edge technology and professional security equipment to monitor and protect your site and team around-the-clock.

Why guardNOW?

The construction projects you take on are massive undertakings. You and your team invests heavily, and take on significant risk in order to complete ambitious projects. Take advantage of guardNOW’s security services to mitigate your risk, and to provide you and your team with the peace of mind it takes to do your best work.

We have been serving clients for over four decades, and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Whether you have a small $100,000 project or a huge multi-million dollar build, we’re here to go above and beyond for all your construction security needs.

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