The main reason why it is necessary to use security guards to keep trucking yards safe is to minimize the exposure of businesses to cargo theft issues. Two notable cases of cargo theft have occurred in the past few months. In the first instance a trucking yard in Canada with 1.5 million dollars maple syrup was the victim of truck yard theft and in the second case, a criminal gang stole several million dollars worth of energy drinks. Who hasn’t heard of truck yards being victimized for high-end products like computer chips or even low-end products like Tide detergent? In addition to tangible products, firms are also moving extensive data files and use trucks for that purpose. A business competitor might seek to steal valuable data resulting in identity theft issues for its customer base.

The United States Trucking Association reports direct yearly losses in excess of $15 billion per year. When you factor in the cost of replacing inventory and significantly higher insurance premiums, you can clearly see why security guards are essential for keeping trucking yards safe.

Security guards perform important functions in a trucking yard by tightening lax security. Truckers can sometimes make a comment about the product they are carrying and find their loads cleaned out shortly thereafter.

Watch out for criminals

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated as well. Typically there is a network of shady dealers who own warehouses in which stolen good are received, housed and then moved on to other sites. There is an old expression in trucking circles that says that “cargo that is at rest is also cargo at risk.”

How to keep trucking yards safe

Security guards can keep trucking yards safe in the following ways:

  • Documenting the value of cargo loads as they come into the yard.
  • Minimizing the load’s transit time so that it isn’t exposed to criminal elements.
  • Ensuring that there are secure yards along the route that truckers can trust.

Insurance companies that insure trucking yards now do very thorough risk management analysis related to the types of security services these yards have. They analyze the individual’s site risk and theft rate and set terms accordingly. Using security guards not only keeps a trucking yard safe, it directly impacts the bottom line for insurance premiums.