The school-related tragedies in Connecticut have left our country shaken, and as we debate the best way to protect our children, a number of ideas have risen to the fore. Among the most popular proposed solutions are the removal of guns altogether (gun control), arming teachers, making changes to our mental health programs, and putting security guards in our schools. Each proposed solutions has its share of supporters, but one stands out among the rest as both relatively uncontroversial and easy to implement.

Below are 5 reason why we can (and should) put security guards in our schools right now.

1.  Effective Way to Control Access
We can agree that unwanted and unregistered guests should be kept off campus. Security professionals can ensure that entrances remain under constant surveillance, so that all visitors can be escorted to the school’s main office to make their presence known to faculty. This both prevents unwanted individuals from getting into school facilities, and can helps to prevent contraband like firearms and drugs from getting onto school premises. A camera system can complement the efforts of in-person security, allowing security guards to monitor all known points of the campus that may be potentially breached (e.g. a side gate, faculty entrance, etc.).

2.  No Need to Await Government Actions
Congress moves at the speed of, well… congress. It can take years for meaningful legislation to be drafted. Meanwhile, the citizens of this country have to standby, waiting for politicians to take action. Either that, or take personal safety into their own hands. We can be proactive and use private security to protect our schools. Getting private security is a click or phone call away.

3.  A Guard’s Physical Presence Will Make Children Feel Safer
A security guard who is an integrated part of the education community at a given school helps kids feel safer. While there may come a time when, for instance, more rigorous requirements are placed upon gun retailers, to a child, nothing can compete with the reassuring presence of a kind and professional security guard.
school security guards why we should

4.  Across-the-board Risk Reduction
Guards are good for so much more than just stopping shootings. They can serve as traffic guards, perform fire watch duties, assist in the disaster preparedness and response, and even curtail misbehavior among other students. An investment in security is, yes, an investment in the protection of our children, but it is also an investment that pays dividends in the form of a more efficient, and all around safer educational experience.

5.  Cost Is Reasonable (Can We Afford Not To?)
Cost is based upon the size of the school and the number of guards needed, but no matter how big the institution, when the cost is spread out among the parents, it becomes very manageable. For as little as $10 a month per family, schools can hire a full-time security staff.

If you’d like to discuss school security options with a guardNOW professional, give us a call at 877-guardNOW, or review our website for more information. We look forward to walking you through our security options and helping you protect America’s future.