With over a million security guards working in the United States, they make up a significant number of the people living in this country. Like all people, security guards seek to have relationships, too, whether it’s for love, casual dating, or to start a family. If you’re dating a security guard now or thinking about it, here are some things to know about security guards that might help you figure out if they’re the right one for you.

Security guards and the call of duty

The nature of the security industry can make it difficult for security guards to maintain normal relationships like other people. Security guards are often working unusual shifts depending on the work that is available. For example, if a security guard is working security at a retail store to greet guests and watch for shoplifters, he will probably be working normal hours, an 8-hour shift between 9am and 9pm; but if he’s working at an industrial facility that needs security guards around the clock, he may find himself working graveyard shifts (late hours that might be something like 10pm to 6am). He may also be working additional shifts to increase his income, so he might be working 12-16 hours a day. When he gets home, the only thing he’ll be thinking about is his bed.

Depending on the type of position they have, security guards may have more flexibility in answering calls while on the job. If they are working a quiet graveyard shift at a trucking company, they may not be very preoccupied. They might find themselves spending a lot of time just sitting around and watching for any signs of trouble. If you’re dating a security guard and want to call them at late hours, you may be able to get a hold of them if they’re working a quiet shift (of course, they can’t be sitting on the phone with you for hours). The downside is, you might not really be able to spend much time with them in person because of the odd shifts they work (they’ll be sleeping during the day, most likely). If you’ve got a job that you work, a typical 9-5, then he’ll be sleeping while you’re working, and he’ll be working while you’re sleeping. Security guards often work weekends and overtime shifts, too, due to the typically-low wage rate that they receive (if you’re wondering why the wage rates are low, it’s because it’s a very competitive industry). For this reason, security guards are often ready to take new shifts and posts whenever they’re available, whenever the call of duty comes.

Security guards can be fun people to be around

People’s jobs will tend to have an impact on their personalities and their likability. Attorneys will tend be more stubborn and argumentative, and elementary schoolteachers will tend to be more caring and gentle. Security guards will typically perform work that is rather boring. If the guards are more introverted (meaning they don’t enjoy interaction with others very much), they will enjoy the quiet security posts that allow them to reflect and not deal with people very much. If they are extroverted (meaning they enjoy interacting with others), then they will enjoy opportunities to talk to other people, and will find greater enjoyment in being around other people when their boring shift is over than a typical person would. Those types of security guards might be good for relationships, as they will appreciate the time that they spend with you even more and will enjoy fun activities.