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Growing up, you may remember a time when your parents took you to the mall to take a picture with the Easter bunny. You may even remember going there every year to take a picture with the Easter bunny (and probably went back to take a picture with Santa and whatever else was dressed up throughout the year).

While you may remember the Easter bunny looking very sweet and fun, there are some kids out there who had to deal with some pretty weird and scary-looking Easter bunnies. When I say scary, I mean, you could probably make a scary movie with these guys going around killing people.

They are pretty bad.

So, without further ado, here are the creepiest Easter bunnies we could find.


Those large, narrow eyes sure give this Easter bunny an alien look. I wouldn’t want to put my kids in this bunny’s hands, just in case he decides to throw them into his spaceship and go back to Mars.


“Hey little girl, where are you going? YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.” That’s kind of the feeling you get when you look at this picture. It doesn’t really look like a picture you would send to your family for the holidays or frame and put on your fireplace mantle. It looks more like a picture you would give to the police when your child goes missing because an Easter bunny took her.


This picture, while it looks like it’s pretty old, looks pretty terrifying. First of all, the Easter bunny doesn’t even look like a bunny it all; it looks more like it could be the earlier years of that doll from the movie “Saw,” the one that would ride around on the little red tricycle. Perhaps a distant relative.

In any case, if I saw this Easter bunny, my first thought would be that he probably has a knife hidden in his pocket or something. RUN.


A variation of your traditional Easter bunny perhaps, this bunny has got some thick, crooked eyebrows and a mustache, not to mention a bow tie and a cardigan. I guess they wanted to give this Easter bunny a Super Mario flair, but it doesn’t look like it worked out so well, because it looks like something that Super Mario would probably jump on.


This one looks like a relative of the first Easter bunny (see above) which looked like an alien. Maybe that Easter bunny realized that people were thinking it looks a lot like an alien so it decided to dye its fur hot pink. The only problem is, now it looks like a ridiculous alien.


This Easter bunny decided that the perfect look would be a nice little combination between “stone cold killer” and “drug addict.”


Since when do Easter bunnies have giant, black eyes? This one looks like it has been resurrected from the dead with those “black hole” eyes. Some pupils would be nice.


This Easter bunny looks like it has been mummified and has bloodshot eyes. I think it’s time for a haircut and some eye drops.


This Easter bunny apparently couldn’t get his lunch break when he wanted to so he decided to eat the children. Those kids don’t look like carrots to me.

Scary and creepy Easter bunny

This has to be, by far, the creepiest looking Easter bunny that I’ve seen. No words can describe it.

Maybe you’ll want to hire a security guard to sit on the Easter bunny’s lap with your kids, just in case.

Posted by Mike Kator | Google+

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