In mid 2012 a remarkable press conference was held in Los Angeles. The Mayor and Police Chief announced that Los Angeles crime rates had continued a decade long decline. The continued fall in violent crime rates makes Los Angeles one of America’s safest cities. The total number of violent crimes including homicides, rapes, aggravated assaults and robberies showed  a decline of 9% over the previous year. However, these statistics while reassuring also took into account that while violent crime was down, property related crime in certain areas of the city was significantly up. The number of burglaries, car thefts and residential break-ins increased significantly so the need for good security services in Los Angeles cannot be over-emphasized.

Security services in Los Angeles are getting better even as property related crimes is getting worse. There is a level of sophistication evidenced by criminal elements in Los Angeles that require a more nuanced approach to providing good security guard services. Security companies are now marketing themselves to make up for perceived deficiencies:

Enhanced training: making sure that guards are licensed and have knowledge of the industry/business they are providing security services for.

  • Providing guards with specific language skills. Thus, a Hispanic event will benefit from Spanish speaking guards.
  • Lessening the obstacles to enhance job performance including on-going professional development opportunities, adequate compensation and shared responsibilities
  • Having a presentable, professional well-groomed presence.

Increases in property related theft is even greater in times of economic recession. Property owners, business people and even governmental agencies know that they cannot just rely on local police agencies. Therefore, private security services are key in filling the breach. As of August 20, 2013 the homicides that had occurred had reached 386.

Business and property owners face a myriad of security challenges related to auto theft, vandalism and even injuries which can make facilities liable. For example if a customer is injured on a property, he/she may believe that this could have been prevented if security was present. Or consider a car that is speeding through a parking lot injuring or killing another customer. The injured parties may feel that the presence of a security guard could have prevented the accident.

Property crime is going up, even as violent crime is going down. Security services in Los Angeles are reaching new heights of competence and sophistication in terms of keeping property and businesses more secure.