In 2012, the mayor and police chief of Los Angeles held a press conference in which they announced that Los Angeles’ violent crime rates had continued a decade long decline.  Overall, this made Los Angeles a fairly safe city despite its large population density and size. Even though violent crimes like homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults showed a decline of 9 percent over the previous year, property related crimes in certain areas of the city saw significant increases. Thus, the number of car thefts, burglaries and residential break-ins increased significantly. For the average Los Angeles resident this was a reminder that while some aspects security were getting better, others were getting worse and required good security practices and presence.
Criminal gangs in a city like Los Angeles are always trying to stay one step ahead of crime deterrence programs and indeed actively come up with innovative ways to thwart security. As a result, the level of security services in Los Angeles have to be equally innovative and forward thinking in their approach to property related crimes. The following are some of the techniques used by security companies to stay ahead of the criminal curve:
  • In addition to using licensed guards, ensuring that they have professional development courses
  • Enhancing guard knowledge of best practices in the security field
  • Providing guards with bilingual, multi-cultural skills relevant to the area they are policing
  • Keeping security guards happy and lessening the obstacles to good performance
  • Providing guards that are well groomed and professional
In times of economic recession, property related crime tends to increase, thereby requiring enhanced security services. Property owners and business people know that they cannot always rely on a timely response from local law enforcement and that hiring private on-demand security services can fill in the breach to ensure that property is not stolen or vandalized.
Even as violent crime is getting better in Los Angeles, property related crime is getting worse and security companies are aiming for greater heights of competence and accountability.