Many elements must be properly planned and executed in order for an event to progress smoothly, whether it is held by a corporate or private entity, or is small or large in nature. Given the high profile nature of Los Angeles, event security is critically important. Events that feature important dignitaries require the same amount of care as do events that involve large public attendance. Event security in Los Angeles involves comprehensive security planning based on the nature of the event, attendee demographics as well as the security vulnerabilities of the venue. Los Angeles has some of the best event management security practices in the nation. Trends in event security planning in Los Angeles quickly become the standard in other states and metropolitan areas.

Los Angeles occupies near mythical status in the popular imagination of not just the United States, but indeed the entire world. The reason for high standards of event security also relate to the public perception of safety at these events. For example, if an untoward event were to occur at the Los Angeles marathon, corporate sponsors like Nike might see their name besmirched. Similarly, the movie industry wants to mimimize any security trouble at the Oscars because the event is being televised and viewed around the world.

The importance of getting event security in Los Angeles involves not just managing known issues, but also planning for the unthinkable. Crowd control management is an important element of event security. A small event in Los Angeles might involve 5,000 attendees, but a larger event such as a sporting event may involve 30,000 attendees. Given these numbers, event security planning is critically important. Event security staff are also adept at using appropriate technology and well as supporting law enforcement when necessary. The ability to improvise and be flexible and innovative in approach is the hallmark of good event security in Los Angeles.