A restraining order is a court order that is meant to protect you from being physically harmed, stalked, threatened, or harassed. Furthermore, a civil restraining order allows custody of your children, which can make the abuser more upset.  If sharing a house with the abuser, he or she will have to move out of the house after obtaining a restraining order.ro2
Anyone that has been abused can ask for a restraining order. Typically an abuser must stay 100 yards away from the person victimized. First, one obtains a temporary restraining order then converting into a permanent one in a month. The restraining order does not go into effect until someone has personally handed the abuser the forms.

Permanent Restraining Order Means A Lifetime

Restraining orders are meant to protect people who fear the abuser. However, sometimes obtaining a restraining order is not enough to protect yourself.  Many cases where people receive restraining orders continue to harass their victim. This is where security guards come into play.

Any contact or any violation of the order can result in arrest. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes too late and the victim is harmed. Often, the news shows victims being killed even after a restraining order; thus, a paper stating the abuser must stay away doesn’t always solve the problem.

A security guard is helpful to escort a victim to the house until the victim feels safe. The guard can also be hired to patrol the perimeter of the house to make sure the abuser is not trying to harm or get in contact with the victim.

A court order mandates no contact with the victim; however, the court cannot control the abuser 24-hours a day. Sometimes people with restraining orders do not understand that no contact means they must follow the exact orders provided by the court. Hence, a security guard will assure the victim is not being harassed or stalked.

A restraining order mandates the following:

-No text messages

-No phone callsro1

-Must stay 100 yards away (for most restraining orders)

-No emails

Any contact is considered harassment. The consequences of not following the rules of a restraining order can result in a few days in jail until the judge hears the reason why the rules were broken.

How Security Guards Can Help With Restraining Orders

A guard can help anyone that is in fear of their lives. Security guards can detect situations to deter unwanted people and observe situations for the safety and protection of the person in fear. Many people who have placed a restraining order on someone feel safer when a security guard escorts them to their home any time of the day. Finding a qualified security company is important to make sure you get the best possible guards. Hiring a temporary guard for as long as you need can save your life. Many people live in fear and you do not have to be one of them. There is additional help other than contacting the police. Find a local security guard company to help escort you to your home when needed.

A form of paper will not stop a bullet. Hire a security guard to escort you home.