Child beauty pageants are becoming more and more popular. Children model sportswear to evening gowns, as well as showing off their dance moves and talents. The pageant consists of judging the children on individual looks including: confidence, perfection, poise, etc. It is said that the competition influences the children competing with their education and self-confidence. At such a young age these children are still impressionable by their parents, and sometimes the parents get out of hand during these competitions. The pageantry world involves investment of time and money, which includes but not limited to: entry fees, travel, lodging, wardrobe, selling tickets and sponsors. Therefore, each parent naturally wants their child to win. Most of the problems occurring at the pageant are often of the parents themselves. The pageant system must consider hiring security for the safety of the children and parents not causing issues. Parents causing problems during pageants have been talked about in the press for quite some time now.  This can escalate to a much bigger problem because there are children involved. The experience needs to be positive and enjoyable; however some parents just don’t allow that to happen.

Security Guard for a Safer Pageant

When children do not win a competition they can experience hurt feelings. On the other hand, when parents find that their children are not winning, it can lead into a disastrous environment. Hostile words and threats are known to be exchanged by angry parents. This is unhealthy especially when children are present. After spending hours of having their children practice smiling, waking, turning, then come to find out their child may not win, ignites incredible anger with some parents. Adding to the list of items purchased are wigs, make-up, shoes and costly gowns. Therefore, after spending all this time and money parents can get pretty nasty if their child does not win. Naturally, parents enter their children in the pageant because they believe their child will win. When time reveals that is not going to be the case, parents sometimes get violent. A security guard will help with this matter when parents start yelling and screaming at the judges, directors, or even other children! This can carry a multitude of other dangerous situations such as hitting and starting fights-if not several fights.

Beauty Protection

This is a time when children should learn how to get comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and provide a sense of camaraderie with other contestants. Hiring a security guard while parents are having the threatening attitude will help alleviate problems quickly. Furthermore, a lot of these moms are living vicariously through their daughters’ lives either because either they never had a chance to be in a pageant or because they were raised in one. For parents that are extremely passionate and live through the lives of their daughters can become hostile toward their child during the pageant as well. A security guard will be helpful if a parent begins to get abusive with their child. The security guard will know when a situation is out of hand and needs to be controlled. We are not talking about parents motivating their child in a firm tone: It is when a parent gets out of control and becomes dangerously abusive with their child either verbally or physically. Living their dreams through their daughters can increase emotions on a mother especially if the mother did not accomplish those dreams as a child.

The journey is about making lifelong friendships, playing together backstage while the parents bond with each other. Unfortunately, anger takes over sometimes and it can become a dangerous pageant instantly. Knowing children are present makes it that much more important to have a professional and certified security guard. The security guard will make sure the contestants, parents, judges and guests, are all safe from dangerous and hostile situations.

Posted by Mike Kator | Google+