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Before they became the well-known celebrities that they are today many of the rich and famous held some pretty crazy jobs. Test your celebrity knowledge to see how well you know your favorite stars and starlets. Who do you think worked to serve and protect before they required their own entourage to guard them?


Eddie Vedder – Before touring the world as the lead singer of rock band Pearl Jam he held many odds and ends job to support himself while he perfected his music and established himself as the musician that he is today. He once worked as a contracted security guard at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, CA while he lived in San Diego with his girlfriend.




Joique Bell – The Detroit Lions running back actually gained the inspiration to pursue his NFL dream while he was a security guard. While working at Ford Field Joique ran into an NFL recruiter and asked if someone could go to the NFL if they played at Wayne State, the school he was currently attending. The recruiter responded, “If you’re good enough they’ll find you.” The rest is history.




Shad Gaspard – Before beginning his professional wrestling career Shad was actually a bodyguard to several rappers and celebrities including Puff Daddy, Brittany Spears, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Mike Tyson. Maybe his refined security skills helped him become “The Beast” for WWE.




Rick Ross – The Hustlin’ star rhymes of a rough past and actually denied reports that he once was a prison guard in Miami before making it big time. Reports actually did link his social security number to a payroll at a prison. Nothing to be ashamed of Rick Ross!





Gary Coleman – The Diffr’nt strokes star later in life was seen working as security guard in the late nineties. There is actually video of him jumping on the hood of Pamela Anderson’s car to prevent paparazzi from photographing her on a production set. Way to serve and protect Gary Coleman!




D’Banj – In a true rag to riches story D’Banj was a security guard in London. Nine years later the Nigerian musician was listed a number nine in the entire United Kingdom for his very first single. Now he is known as one of Africa’s best musical acts.




Bruce Willis – The highly acclaimed actor grew to fame from a self-described blue collar family. After graduating from high school he reportedly took a job working as a security guard at the Salem Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey. After that he worked as a private investigator for some time before returning to acting and making it big.



Michael Clark Duncan –The recently deceased “gentle giant” best known for his role as the prison mate on The Green Mile started his Hollywood career as a celebrity security for stars like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith before being discovered and starting his own acting career. He joined a traveling show as a security guard and when the show landed in Los Angeles he decided to stay to pursue his dream of acting. Good thing he did!



Stephen Malkmus – Lead singer and guitarist of the alternative rock band Pavement once was a security guard. One of his random jobs while trying to “make it” as a musician was security for the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.




Shemus – Before his initial debut in the WWE Shemus was once a security guard. Now the reigning world heavyweight champion for the organization, he once did security for a nightclub. He occasionally did private security for Bono, Larry Mullen Jr. from U2 and Dennis van Outen.




Steve Wilkos – He was once a police officer in Chicago. Then he went on to be a security guard on the popular dramatic talk show Jerry Springer before hosting his own television show.





Who Played Security Guards in Movies!

Seth Rogan –
The wildly popular comedic actor played a bipolar mall security guard in Observe and Report.





Kevin James – After his nine years in television on the popular comedy King of Queens Kevin James took to the big screen. One of his major films was Paul Blart: Mall Cop. As a single dad he becomes a mall security guard to help make ends meet. He actually co-wrote the movie and hoped it would help viewers fight for the underdog. He is noted as saying, “I have always respected mall cops. Everybody gives them a hard time.”



Ben Stiller – Stiller plays Larry Daley the night guard at the American museum of natural history in New York. He is warned not to let anything in or out and he takes his job incredibly seriously. He soon finds that this is a much bigger task than he ever set out for when the museum displays start coming to life and have a mind of their own when the dark sets.


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