guardNOW® provides unmatched, on-demand cost-efficient security guard services for all events, focusing on giving customers ease of mind

guardNOW® offers a wide range of security guard services in Los Angeles for both businesses and private clients. Our professional and experienced staff will make sure all your security needs are met.
We understand security needs can be different depending on the situation. Our security services are adaptable to any situation. We have a team of highly trained personnel from Los Angeles, New York and Boston. Don’t skimp when it comes to your safety. We offer services specialized to your situation — whether it’s for a school, business, shopping mall, private event or your residence. At guardNOW®, we offer more than 20 years of experience in the security guard services business and are proud to be your go-to source for superior security. Our owner Mike is personally involved in all cases — delivering the highest quality of service. So go ahead and focus on your business or event. Leave the security to us.


There is a reason why the nations top builders trust and choose us again and again for their construction security. GuardNow has been providing construction site security for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area. Having a security guard on a construction site greatly reduces theft and vandalism & allows employees to focus on their job. Construction sites are nation wide the most widely burglarized and vandalized properties. Theft on your construction site delays progress and costs you money. Call us for a free on-site evaluation 877 482 7366.



The security of your business and its assets is a top priority. Many issues can jeopardize a business’s security, including the possibility of theft. Surveillance cameras can help, but having a guard on-hand can stop crime at a higher rate. Don’t let your business fall victim.
With several options available, guardNOW® is ready to assist you. Our highly skilled professional guards are trained to detect theft and other security breaches at your business. Our expert team of former military professionals and law enforcement officials will work with you to serve your business’s unique needs.


Wedding Security

Your wedding should be a joyous, carefree celebration. You shouldn’t have to worry about your guests’ security. Leave that to us. We will make sure your guests are safe and comfortable and your valuable gifts are secure.

Why Choose Us

guardNOW® officers are highly trained security professionals educated on innovative security technology and consistently tested to ensure they make the best decisions in high-stress situations. We have streamlined our booking process to give you the time and comfort to focus on what’s most important. With guardNOW®, your never have to worry about having cash on hand.
We put our clients first. We provide you with respectful, highly trained security professionals at your home, business or event. Our cutting-edge booking system offers you a quick and convenient way to hire a guard that can be dispatched directly to you in a matter of hours.
Don’t know how many guards to hire for your next event? Need help figuring out how to keep risks to a minimum and ensure your event goes smoothly? Give us a call – (877) 482-7366 or Order Online Now. Our security guard services can help you plan for your next event ahead.

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